Hair Mesotherapy 

This treatment is an innovative method for treating hair loss in men & women and is based on the growth factors from our own body and injecting it directly into thinning areas of the scalp.

The method has already been applied for several years with very impressive results.

Hair mesotherapy with growth factors
Hair mesotherapy with growth factors
Hair Strengthening
Two of the components of our body that interest us in terms of applying the treatment are Cytokines (growth, differentiation and immune response proteins) and Growth Factors.

Growth Factors are proteins that are found in our body and help it restore dysfunctional or damaged tissues, developing a regenerative and regenerative effect. This is achieved through the reactivation of the tissues under repair and the proliferation and regeneration of the cells of this area or the self-repair of the malfunctions of this area. Especially in the matter of hair loss, the reactivation of the malfunctioning hair follicles is achieved resulting in new hair but also strengthening the existing ones with a larger diameter and length.


We take the growth factors by centrifugation from a special centrifuge and then place them on the affected area of the scalp.

Is the method safe?

Hair loss treatment is carried out and applied with a specialized protocol. The autologous nature of the method (ie the fact that the material used comes from the body itself) makes it absolutely safe for health and without any side effects.
The method is applied by the scientific staff of Ps Hair in conditions of absolute hygiene & security and is a simple and completely painless procedure. It is also important to add that the material itself is an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory biological material and thus ensures antiseptic conditions.
The method has already been applied for several years with very impressive results as an anti-hair loss treatment as well as an adjunctive hair transplant treatment.

Are there any contraindications for the method?

Contraindications are minimal and mainly concern uncontrolled diabetes or taking anticoagulants, however treatment is always carried out after consultation with the PS HAIR medical staff and taking a detailed medical history.

What are the results of hair loss treatment?

Hair loss is stopped immediately from the 1st session and we can keep the result stable while the weak hair follicles in the area become stronger and regain volume and health. In general, the results from the application of the treatment are from satisfactory to impressive and concern both the quality and & the amount of hair.

Hair Loss Laser

The selective photostimulation system, using active wavelengths in the form of Low Level Laser Therapy. LLLT treatment is a modern complementary hair loss treatment for men and women.

It is indicated for the treatment of hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness, but also in other cases of alopecia such as diffuse alopecia and alopecia areata. It is painless, bloodless and without complications.

Hair loss laser
Hair loss laser – €30

Transmission Wavelength:
670nm (red spectrum)
830nm (red spectrum)

Biological studies of the excitation spectrum of DNA / RNA, with composition values of wavelengths 580 nm to 900 nm have shown that at the level of cells 4 maximum excitation frequencies: 620 nm, 670 nm, 760 nm and 830 nm
The use of enhanced light beams has been documented both in terms of safety and efficacy through in-vitro and in-vivo scientific studies.
Scientific publications, such as those from ISHRS, reinforce the effectiveness of using enhanced light beams based on objective studies.
In America, the FDA recently approved the use of a system with special wavelengths in the red spectrum with an indication of hair growth on the scalp, as a medical device.

LLLT therapy works in brief by the following mechanisms and has the following effects.
-Vasodilatation, increase in microcirculation, better blood circulation & absorption of valuable ingredients
-Increasing the lymphatic drainage of DHT hormone
-Anti-inflammatory action
-Increasing the proliferation of hair follicle stem cells
-Prolongation of the growth phase of the hair follicle, reduction of the Resting phase
-Increase in the number of hair follicles in the growth phase
-Increasing collagen reconstruction and production
– Normalization of sebaceous gland activity
-Upgrading the characteristics of the hairs, increasing diameter, elasticity, strength, shine
-Hair gains density, volume, vitality and strength