Uncut FUE Hair Transplant

Uncut FUE Hair Transplant essentially reproduces the natural way of hair growth.
during transplantation – transfer of hair follicles we individually extract hair follicles from the zone of constant hair growth which is on the back and side of the head and then transfer them to the recipient area of the thinned or empty area of the scalp.
Follicles are the hair units that contain 1-4 hairs. The average is about 2.8 – 3 hair count per follicle.

During the process, we select and group the hair follicles according to the area we want to transfer them to. So if they are transferred to the Front line, we will choose single or double hair follicles,

for the top of the head we will choose double or triple to give more volume and thickening.

The Application Process

The whole process starts with the design of head and especially the front line so that it has a perfectly natural effect as in the photo above. The front line is drawn approximately 8cm (see video) from the middle forehead and follows the line to the right and left with the temporal sinuses in proportion. Shapes like triangles or circles that we see in other transplants are unacceptable and unnatural formations. This line is also just a boundary and under no circumstances are hair follicles inserted next to each other to avoid the linear abnormal shape called “gazzi”, on the contrary, the hair follicles are placed exactly as in the photo above with zig-zag and forward back so that there is a random order and in fact with a specific angle of protrusion thus giving the perfect aesthetic restoration.

Watch the design video:



The whole process starts with the design of the head and especially the front line so that it has a perfectly natural result. We draw the front line approximately 8cm from the middle of the forehead and we always have as a general rule the distribution in proportion to 1/3 of this distance from the base of the chin. The female temporal line is more circular than the male. This line is also just a border and we don’t put hair follicles next to each other to avoid the linear abnormal shape, called “tailor’s line”.

Instead, we place the hair follicles in a zig-zag and back-and-forth manner so that there is a random order and indeed with a specific angle of protrusion, thus giving the perfect aesthetic restoration.

Then we take the hair follicles with the unshaved (technique) FUE Hair Transplantation from the donor area without shaving or cutting anything at all. In general, no area on the head is NOT cut or shaved, neither the donor nor the recipient area.

It just takes more time and experience when taking so that no hair follicles are damaged. Compared to the other technique, it is a little more expensive, but there is no need to visually deal with restoring the donor to its previous state.

(Uncut FUE Hair Transplant find the cost here)

Then we do the local anesthesia in the area of both the donor area where we will take the hair follicles and the recipient area where we will transfer them.

We take the hair follicles individually and scattered. The special round tool with which we extract the hair follicle has a diameter of 1 – 1.2 mm usually and hugs the hair follicle exactly at its borders, giving us the possibility not to damage an adjacent follicle and to collect a fairly large number of hair follicles.

As soon as we have completed the above procedure, we proceed to the opening of the holes for the placement of the hair follicles.

This opening is carried out under the basic principles that ensure the naturalness, the aesthetics of the result and the avoidance of injury to the adjacent hair growth when it comes to thickening.


  • We make the opening with a needle and not with a scalpel, ensuring the exact and very small size of the hole in diameter.
  • The Directivity of the hair, i.e. the specific angle of the hair protruding from the skin to ensure that they are the same as the adjacent ones or with the appropriate angle depending on the placement area (we do NOT pin standing hairs) X on the front line the angle of protrusion is downwards and never upright.
  • At Front-Line we follow the above special design for naturalness.
  • Avoid injury especially during thickening in adjacent hair follicles. This is a very important parameter because if an existing hair follicle is damaged, it will not grow back. Of course, the Dermatoscopy – Densitometry that has already been done since the stage of your information helps us in this.




We now place the hair follicles in the specific slots we have made with the previous procedure.

So in the front-line we put only single or double hair follicles, while in other areas some triples can be used to give the necessary volume.

We under no circumstances use the Hair implanter or Choi (that white bic pen tool) that some show because it is an outdated tool from decades past that has had some problems during placement, such as twisting the implant internally resulting in the creation of folliculitis or infections and destruction of the hair follicle itself.

So we use only microsurgery surgical forceps to have absolute control for healthy placement without side effects and eventual loss of grafts.

Watch the video:

When the whole procedure is completed the patient can leave. We only spray the area of the donor area with a local antibiotic – anti-inflammatory (Pulvo) and after wearing a cap only on the head for protection without needing anything else. He receives written instructions for any medication as well as for personal care such as bathing, which must be done the next day.

Watch the video :


Incident of 2500 hair follicles ie 7500 hairs

Densification throughout the head Donor without Pulvo at the end Donor with Pulvo

Unshaven / Uncut fue
Unshaven / Uncut fue

Unshaven / Uncut fue
Unshaven / Uncut fue

Unshaven / Uncut fue
Unshaven / Uncut fue


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