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Beards are a key feature for men.
Different reasons such as heredity, health problems, stress, alopecia and hormonal disorders can cause the beard to be weak or non-existent.
Νowadays, it is possible to transplant beards with FUE technique as in hair transplantation using hair follicles normally taken from the constant hair growth zone of the head. Defined hair follicles are removed using the FUE method using 0.6 mm Pounch manuals and placed in beard-deficient areas. The use of thinner tips ensures less visible marks in the recipient areas, thus providing a more natural appearance.
Facial hair transplantation is applied not only to the beard area, but also to the mustache, chin, or sideburns to achieve the desired appearance. The folds and angles of the hair follicles to be implanted are the most important factors that determine naturalness. The new implanted hairs grow just like normal facial hair and you will be able to shave or grow them to the desired size. The result is completely natural and really hard to distinguish the implanted hair from the natural facial hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course it is possible, hair follicles can be placed after the correct planning is done to determine the placement surface in a natural and aesthetically acceptable way we take hair follicles from the stable hair zone of the scalp, which then come out normally and grow as if they were always there.

The hair follicles placed were simply transferred from the back of the head and will carry along their natural property through DNA to never fall out. So they grow back as before, cut and shave normally as before and grow back as normal.

If based on the initial design for the area the number of hair follicles is sufficient and capable of proper density, no. However, if greater density is desired, we can always put . In any case, this is known from the beginning to the interested party based on the initial design and the extent to which the hair follicles will be placed and a joint decision.

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