Hair transplantation – implantation is applied in addition to the hair and in many other parts of the body and in cases such as:
Post-operative scars or injuries, burns or simply a lack of hair in some places (eg cheeks, eyebrows, sideburns, etc.) can now be inserted simply, quickly, painlessly and with excellent results into hair follicles in order to fully restore the affected area.
The process of extracting and placing the hair follicles is done with the FUE method, i.e. extracting the hair follicles one by one, which are then placed on the affected surface of the lost brow ridges, after the desired formation has taken place.
The procedure is performed with local anesthesia in a short period of time and with a return to daily activities immediately.
During the application, special attention must be paid to the use of single hair follicles as well as to the introduction of the hairs at the correct angle of emergence according to the rest in the area (if any) and the pyramidal direction which is the normal anatomical design of the human eyebrows.
The result is normal, beautiful and aesthetically natural!!

Common Questions

Will it need care?
It will be necessary to do the treatment you did once a month too, simply by trimming the transplanted hair follicles a bit because they will grow at a faster rate and more than the rest.

Will I need to put hair follicles again?
NO.   The hair follicles that were placed were simply transferred from the back of the head and will carry along their natural property through DNA to never fall out. In addition, the placement area is quite small and can be covered by any number of hair follicles required.

Can they be painted?
We can do the same to the hair follicles as before, so they can be dyed normally.