Wednesday, 08 July 2020
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In addition to head hair, the transplantation – implantation of hair strings is also implemented in many other areas and cases, such as:

in postoperative scars or injuries, burns or simple lack of hair in some areas (e.g. on the cheeks, eyebrows, sideburns, etc.), where it is now possible for hair follicles to be inserted in a simple, fast and painless way, and with an excellent result, for full restoration of the suffering area.

The process of extraction and placement of hair follicles is always the same with that implemented on the head, while the selection of the FUE or FUT methodology is performed upon consultation of the patient with the physician, although for such minor hair restoration, the FUE method is usually preferred.

The process is performed with local anesthesia and without hospitalization; it takes 3-4 hours, and return to daily routine activities is immediate.

Special attention needs to be paid at this point particularly to the insertion of hair strings under the correct sprouting angle, in line with the other hair in the area, if any, or the usual arrangement, which is downward sprouting in most cases.

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