Wednesday, 08 July 2020
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Rich – Natural Hair forever, with the best aesthetic result, without any signs or scars, and with life guarantee, by the most experienced team in Hair Implantation.


It is applied whether someone belongs to one of the seven grades of Androgenetic Alopecia, or in personalized cases after injuries, burns or postoperative complications, when the lack of hair follicles needs to be restored.

  Hair follicles can be transferred throughout the body, wherever we wish to, always by taking hair follicles from the occipital region of the scalp of the same person.


This process ensures:

-  first, that the body will accept the hair follicles, because it recognizes them as part of it (self-implants) and will not reject them

- second, these hair follicles are genetically resistant to the circulating androgens, which are the main cause of hair loss, and as a result, they maintain exactly this property of theirs, also in the recipient area where they will be placed, ensuring thus their existence forever.

 The selection of the FUT (With strip extraction) or FUE (Hair-by-hair extraction) methodology is performed according to each case, by taking into account the age, the thinning grade, and the existence or not, of a previous Hair Implantation methodology.

However, in whatever way it is performed, we need 3-5 hours for FUT, or 5-8 hours for FUE in a session, with local anesthesia, where the patient can perform the application in a comfortable area in our premises, while reading a magazine or watching TV.

It is a pleasant procedure, without any particular requirements (not much different than visiting the dentist), either during its performance, or in the period after. Therefore, the patient does not leave with any particular bandage around the head, other than a hat for aesthetic reasons, while there is not pain afterwards, and one can perform his or her daily routine of habits with the minimum restriction in terms of physical training-exercise for the following 4-5 days.

 In any case, 2-3 months later, the first results begin to become evident, and after 10-12 months, the process is completed and the result is strong, with aesthetically natural hair forever.




Πύκνωση,Γέμισμα Κροτάφων,Οριοθέτηση νέας Κρ.Γραμμής,Τhickening Fill temples,New front line hair

Πύκνωση 3 Ζωνών και γέμισμα κροτάφων/ Τhickeningin 3 zones, Fill temples

Γέμισμα κροτάφων/ Οριοθέτηση Κρ.Γραμμής,Thickening-Fill Temples -New front line hair

Πύκνωση κορυφής κεφαλής, Top of Head

Πύκνωση, Thickening all over head

Γέμισμα κ΄Πύκνωση σε αραιωμένη περιοχή με έγκαυμα ,Thicken in area burned

Ολικό γέμισμα,Filling around the head,Συνδιασμός τεχνικών FUE + FUT

Αποτέλεσμα 5 1/2  μηνών/ 5 1/2 months result


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