Tuesday, 04 August 2020
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Hair loss treatment with  growth factors is an innovative method to treat hair loss in men & women and its direct infusion in scalp areas which show hair thinning.

The  method has already been applied for several years now, with very impressive results in healing orthopedic or chronic traumas, burns & surgical incisions.





Two  ingredients of our body, which is of interest to us, are the Cytokines (growth, differentiation and immunological response proteins) and the Growth Factors.

The Growth Factors are proteins which exist in our body and help it to restore dysfunctional or damaged tissues, by developing regeneration and reformation activity. This is attained through the reactivation of tissues under restoration, and the reproduction and regeneration of the cells of this area.

By treatment we multiply the quantity of the growth factors, so that the self-restoration of the dysfunctions takes place in a shorter time and with greater effectiveness. On the issue of hair loss specifically, the reactivation of dysfunctional hair follicles is achieved, and this results in new hair, as well as strengthening the existing hair by growing bigger in diameter and length.


It is performed by taking growth factors and immediate placement of them back in the suffering area of the scalp.

In what cases is this hair loss treatment applied?

The  treatment is applied to males & females, and in cases of initial or advanced hair thinning:
•    For the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia & Female Androgenetic Alopecia
•    For boosting the result of Hair Transplantation
•    For the treatment of Alopecia Areata
•    For the treatment of hair loss of various causes
•    For the prevention of hair loss


Is the  method safe?

The growth factors loss treatment is performed by medical protocol. The autologous nature of the method (i.e. the fact that the utilized material comes from the body itself), makes it totally safe for health and without any side effects. The method is implemented by the scientific staff of Ps Hair, under conditions of total hygiene & safety, and is a simple and completely painless process. Besides, we should also add that material itself is an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory biological material, which, therefore, ensures conditions of disinfection.
Are there any contraindications to the  method?

Contraindications are minimal and mostly refer to unregulated diabetes mellitus or taking anticoagulants; the treatment, however, is always implemented upon consultation with the medical staff of PS HAIR, and taking a detailed medical history.

What are the results of this hair loss treatment?
The results from the application of  hair loss treatment range from satisfactory to outstanding (given the fact that they mostly depend on the body of the person concerned, as well as the degree and the type of hair loss), and refer to both the quality & and quantity of hair, since hair loss is inhibited and we can maintain a constant result.



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