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I'm lossing my hair! What should I do?
Hair transplantation-when,how,cost
Hair loss, methods to deal with it
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Hair transplantation is the modern solution to a problem that affects more and more people, not only because nowadays or appearance plays a big role in social contacts and personal work, but also because it seems like the problem occurs more frequently and in smaller ages.The cause of this problem is almost always hereditary, but needs and the diagnosis of the doctor, because we are losing hair from other cautions.The option of transplantation is not just about aesthetic restoring aesthetic as show beautiful and younger, but also a matter of protection of sculp. To people who experience hair loss at ages immediately after puberty, created serious psychological problems and mainly reduced self-esteem and insecurity.

Which method of transplantation should I choose;

Often the question whether and when and in what technical process will be confronted various degrees of dilution from the loss of hair. So, referring to the process of this procedure, there are two methods in both applies local anesthesia identical to that of a dental procedure, make the process painless and both FUE and FUT although different on how to obtain the hair follicles have a common reference point in the manner of replantation hair follicles in the skin.

FUT transplantation method, when to choose it;

It is eminently classic way of doing transplants worldwide.Taking cuttings done with superficial incision in the back of the scalp in particular point with fixed hair with application of Trichophytic Closure, that section with a special technique which leaves no trace on the hair.

Great advantage of this method is the ability of physician to maximize the number of grafts, saving valuable time for the survival of the large number of hair follicles and their placement after.Then the corresponding sockets are created with such direction and tilt to ensure absolute natural result.

So we have the ultimate architectural structure in transplantation made with completely natural way to the front line but several thickening the rest head .
The great success of the transplant is not recognized as an observer that has been transplanted. The matter of density although today, although thanks to the finest tools which have given the best results, may occasionally make necessary a second stage for something even better, especially if the hair loss continues.


FUE transplantation method , when to choose it;
Undoubtedly some candidates first prefer this method because there is no section in the sense of a line, but many small holes
that leave tiny speckle practically invisible. In this sense, surely the method is advantageous especially in case anyone would like to shave the head to even cut his hair close and despite the fact that the sign of the intersection appears only shaved head. But should not be the criterion for the choice of the appropriate method.

The main criterion is the quality of the donor area in terms of quality of hair , their density and the size of the deficit in the recipient area.
If the hair is very thin very curly and sparse density, the size of the receiving gap too large, then the incident is inappropriate to apply the FUE method.
If the above method does not then force can be applied, but in any case this is achieved by the Fox Test in order to have an informed answer.
Generally therefore it is an atraumatic method if the conditions mentioned above gives excellent results apply with very good density.


HAIR TRANSPLANTATION COST 1500€ for 1000 - 1500 hair follicles   

The cost depends on the methodology to be used and the time and the number of hair follicles,  because it is absolute and controllable rather number of hairs which are approximate. 

"We have the best market price and even the most experienced hair transplantation team in Greece."








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