Wednesday, 08 July 2020
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I'm lossing my hair! What should I do?
Hair transplantation-when,how,cost
Hair loss, methods to deal with it
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τα μαλλιά μου πέφτουν, τι να κάνω;

Every time you go out of the bathroom there are gathered tangle of hair from the bathtub? This only happens a few times or continuously? Is seasonal hair loss? When should you worry about this?

What is seasonal hair loss?
These are periods of time where, most consistently, observed increased hair loss. Constant repetitive periodic hair loss. Periods eminently displayed is the spring and especially in autumn. Hair loss can last from one to two months. The phenomenon of hair loss does not make exceptions. This affects most women and men.

And may your hair  fall rapidly when entering  in autumn, but to this have helped  your bad habits too. How much did you torture your hair in summer? Did you nursed them enough by following proper diet? Did you have captured by anxiety back to the tasks at work and home?

As So if you can not avoid seasonal hair loss, you can reduce its effect with two simple steps.
Balanced nutrition means stronger hair: you return from summer holidays and "flipping" to crash diets to lose 2-3 extra pounds. But when you do not eat well, all foods from all groups, or lose weight suddenly deprive of your "precious" hair nutrients that will keep them in place.
So in consultation with your dermatologist will need to increase the vitamins and iron in your diet. So as for your silhouette, so for your hair frequently and full meals can help the health of the scalp.

Stress kills hair too: hair experts have noticed that a stressed hair has smaller life duration. So though  healthy hair remains on scalp approximately 5 years, in periods of stress and depression its life reduces to 2 years. Thiw effect will be reverced when you calm down and your body will replenish the lost hair.

To calm down and reduce stress : you will need to find all the reasons which gives you anxiety and try to understand and confront. A good technique to follow is scalp massage, even while bathing, you can make some calming compressions on head as they increase blood circulation and offer incredible relaxation

 But when it does not happen only periodically in some seasons, what shouls I do?

What should make you worry: Inspect your scal and hair carefully. Seasonal hairloss does not make hair thinner or easy to break. If you see dilution , or accept hairloss you the quality of hair has changed, they are thinner, fragile, blurry ...it is a factor of worry and you should visit your dermatologist immediatelly or just ask for help and information the experienced doctors of PS HAIR by filling the on line diagnosis form


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