Friday, 29 May 2020
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Medical team of  Ps Hair
I'm lossing my hair! What should I do?
Hair transplantation-when,how,cost
Hair loss, methods to deal with it
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επιστημονικη ομαδα αντιμετώπισης τριχόπτωσης

 Peter Vlastarakos manager PSMedical, the Plastic Surgeon Minas Koizis scientific director in collaboration with physicians George Papathanasiou and Ramona Kiorpelidou, specialized nursing staff to hair transplant and the Dermatologists of PSMEDICAL are successful team engaged in the hair transplant field above 25 years !!!

Having experience in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of hair loss cases, androgenetic alopecia and other malfunctions of lack of hair follicles, having restored one of the largest numbers of transplantation and transport follicles incidents since 1990,  is the highest securing factor and guarantee for restoring scalp or other body parts with the most modern methods for better aesthetic visual results without trace marks or scars.

Our advantage:  TRUTH and REALISTIC incidents.

WARRANTY:  more than 25 years of experience !!!

SUCCESS:  the testimonies and aesthetic restoration of all of our patients.


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