Tuesday, 24 November 2020
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Medical team of  Ps Hair
I'm lossing my hair! What should I do?
Hair transplantation-when,how,cost
Hair loss, methods to deal with it
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Welcome to PS HAIR !

The scientific center PS HAIR is the most integrated and scientifically based solution to the health sector of rehabilitation and improvement of scalp and regrowth in general.

Hair loss, thinning hair, restoring lost hair treated fully and effectively with specific and personalized treatments for thinning hair, hair loss, strengthen hair and hair transplantation where required.

The scientific center PS HAIR is composed by a group of medical specialties of Plastic Surgery, Dermatology and General Medicine in order to fully meet modern aesthetic and medical needs of persons of each sex,by the immediate restoration or improvement of problems associated with the scalp and regrowth of all parts of the body.


Medical latest technology, specialized products, and the scientific staff of PS HAIR offer all prevention and rehabilitation methods with services and processes highly efficient, fast and totally affordable.


The professional staff and doctors of PS HAIR are always available to discuss your needs and provide you with appropriate advice , in order to follow a personalized treatment method created in perfect harmony with the requirements and your aspirations.






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